About the Pyrotechnic Assurance Standards Scheme

What we do.

The Pyrotechnic Assurance Standard Scheme is a voluntary initiative and the most comprehensive and the only whole business Firework & Pyrotechnic assurance scheme in the UK. 

We combine industry best practice, regulations and safety to provide operators, suppliers and manufacturers the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities across a level playing field.

That helps clients know their supplier provides a good standard of service.
Robust assessment platform that companies and individuals work towards achieving.

The schemes development has been based on many years practical experience working within all facets of the market and aims to promote and maintain the highest standards within the explosive entertainment professions. 

How we assess.

Assessment is undertaken by independent industry professionals who visit companies following their applications.

The scheme is modular and its core assessment that every member has to complete is coupled with additional modules that cover the service segments that the operator provides.

The comprehensive rules of the scheme and published standards combine to ensure members remain current and provide clients the confidence that companies displaying the PASS logo offers good products and services.

The scheme is open to every part of the industry throughout the supply and service chains from individual operators to the largest companies and also includes retail, wholesale and manufacture of products and pyrotechnic related equipment.

Why we do it.

The firework, pyrotechnic and energetic special effect industry has some of the most restrictive legislation governing its operations. The simple reason for this is the fact that all fireworks and pyrotechnics are classed as explosives and therefore have a need to be securely stored, transported and used with the greatest of care.

The process to completely understand these many explosive regulations, its legislation and guidance is complex and possibly deliberately vague. But whatever the reason, they seem to remain open to some individual interpretation possibly due to confusion. 

We define a consistent approach with a strong emphasis on safety that works within these many regulations and methods to provide buying clients the confidence that their supplier offers to the best of whole business practice.

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