Comprehensive Standards promoting excellence within the Firework and Pyrotechnic FX industry.

What PASS does

The scheme provides businesses and individuals the opportunity within some of the most restrictive legislation of any industry the new ability to demonstrate their competence.

Improves the industry  for every stakeholder whilst enhancing safety and giving clients buying pyrotechnics, firework services or products the confidence that their supplier has been fully assessed and conforms.

Joining the scheme means that your customers now have a better way to evaluate and trust the service you offer.   

The scheme is open to every part of the industry throughout the supply and service chains from individual operators to the largest companies and includes retail, wholesale and manufacture of products and pyrotechnic related equipment.
Be part of the UK's only pyrotechnic assured quality scheme that cover all your operations and safety practices. 

Why be a member

  • Independent whole operation checks and certification that lets your clients know your are serious about what you do.

  • Insurance benefit in terms of potential reduced membership premium.

  • Advice and guidance on industry matters, new regulations and best practices.

  • Ability to demonstrate your skills and safety practices that provide trust when applying for tenders.

  • Promotion of  your business on a leveled playing field by displaying the PASS logo.

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