Trust the PASS logo it means that your Firework and Special Effect supplier has been independently assessed to the highest standards within the UK explosive entertainment industry.

Our independent assessment covers all the areas you care about:

  • Safety
  • Performance quality
  • Customer and venue care 
  • Environment.
  • Value for money
How PyroPass helps you chose your supplier.
When buying Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Special Effects services it can sometimes be difficult to know whats the right direction to take to choosing the best provider.

Unfortunately much of the industry remains to have little or no representation to justify their practice and methods to provide confidence to their clients and safety professionals.

The Pyrotechnic Assurance Standard Scheme now provide that confidence and the ability for operators to demonstrate their professional credentials that provide a safe and successful events.

Our members will be assessed under the most comprehensive pyrotechnic standards in the UK.

All parts of their operations are regularly checked by independent experts assures you that your Firework or Pyrotechnic supplier provides a good standard of service.

Take a look at the rules of membership to decide for yourself.

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